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We understand the importance of timely product delivery and make sure it compliments your business plans.


Each element of product goes through rigorous testing and analysis. Result is a secure, fully functional product.


We follow industry standards and use latest proven solutions to make your product future proof and 100% compliant

Our Produts

We offer diferent types of Silicon produts

We are not just a manufacturer, we helped hundreds of customers to define their requirements and provided efficient design related help to solve their problems. We truly listen to your problems and provide cost effective solutions whenever needed.

Why choose us

Our Dynamic and Innovative Approach Makes Us Your True Service Partner

We are the foremost services provider when it comes to rubber products. Our quick support and assistance make us your reliable service provider. With years of experience, we are quite aware of the challenges and quick resolutions. By offering quality services, we have earned the recognition of a reputed manufacturer of extruded & molded rubber products. Our vibrant presence is found in the 4 major cities of India because of our best services. Our portfolio included more than 1500 extruded silicone profiles having various shapes and sizes.

On-Time Delivery

We always deliver products on-time by following the safety protocols.


We always believe in keeping clients updated with the actual progress of the product.

Quality Production

We do not compromise when quality comes. We believe in quality rather than quantity.

Nature Safety

We are nature lovers, and even during manufacturing, we specially take care of nature.

Quick Support

We are always available in your service, and this makes us your first choice.

Take Care of Nature

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Industries We Serve

We are serving our products & services to our customers in more than 4 states in india.

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